Momo's Portfolio


Photoshop Speed Paintings

Whippin' out Wow!

Here are examples of photoshop speed paintings. In recent years, I have been able to strengthen my photoshop painting, and coloring/rendering techniques for current projects. I find it almost therapeutic, to be able to color render the heck out of your drawings and make something visually awe inspiring based on your own creative aesthetics.

Here are some examples of my drawing aesthetic. I am a person who is heavily inspired by nature, animals, mythologies, creatures, and anything that is eye catching. As you may notice, I have humanoid like figures featured in some drawings, while the rest are anthropomorphic creature/animal like figures. I figure that we see humans every waking minute of our lives, I find it more intriguing to draw and conceptualize characters that take the ordinary, and in turn make something extraordinary!

Welcome to Momolympus!