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Here is a spaceship collectible concept. In the 3D modeling program Rhino, I made what I call the Space Jam Band Bus. Being a former member of a high school marching band myself, I was inspired by past experiences to come up with this unique design. My spaceship is the combination of a school bus, musical instruments and a spaceship. It is powered by mighty tuba and quint thrusters. It zooms around outer space with eagle like wings; taking inspiration from my high school mascot, an eagle. It was a fun project to work on, and a great way to incorporate my history into something fun!

By using the 3D molding program Rhino, I designed a coolio steampunk deep-fryin' robot. I call it the "Number One Fryer." It is a robot that is intentionally designed to deep fry foods such as french fries, chicken, onion rings, etc. The thing is though, after you fill er' up with gallons of cooking oil, and the food is halfway cooked, the fryer's timer tail goes off, its eyes light up, and it quickly dashes away to releave itself (hence #1!) So at the end of the day, not only are you unable to eat any delicious fried food, but you also have to clean up a oily puddly mess. Now that's what I call man's best fryer friend!

How to Train Your Dragon Game Console

Here is a game console concept I designed in the 3D modeling program Rhino. The parameters were to design a unique game console that could sponsor a popular license, or you come up with your own gaming idea. I chose How To Train Your Dragon. I love dragons and the movies are great so I designed my concept around the concept of flight. I was inspired by rocking and spring horses to come up with a ride on game console that simulated flying a dragon when you rock forward or backward. The helmet is the modem, and the shield and ax are accessories that would help kids play out the stories within the game.

The Space Jam Band Bus!

Whippin' out Wow!

Number One Fryer