Momo's Portfolio

Welcome to Momolympus!

Croix's Voyage is all about fun, freedom, and good ole' caribbean celebration! When he was a young calf, Croix was wooshed away by a mighty current where he was marooned on a shallow bank for hundreds of years. He was finally able to wiggle free one day and to his surprise, he realized an island was growing on top of his back! Sad and feeling alone, Croix traversed the ocean. One day he came across a small island with colorful native animals jammin' out to their Soca rhythm. The natives told Croix of how their island is sinking due to rising sea levels. Right then and there, Croix came up with a brilliant idea; he could be their new home, and they could be his new friends!

And so from that day on, Croix and his caribbean crew sail the seas bringing caribbean fun to everyone!




Whippin' out Wow!

​CryptoTrucks is a vehicle line where boys ages 5-7 would have a blast manipulating their mouths and protruding their long tongue! Kids could battle each other, or go on a rampage where no vehicle has gone before! This line features stunning hybrid monster trucks, as well as other vehicles, that are inspired by famous cryptozoology creatures of legend.

Fun Fact: Ever since I was in middle school I had these vehicle visions in my head. Those visions led me to come up with this concept for a Mattel Sponsored Vehicle Class. Out of 15 other students, 5 seniors and 8 juniors, I reigned supreme and took home the grand prize with a check for $1000, and the title of the Mattel Sponsored Vehicles Class 1st place winner! And now, in partnership with JazWings LLC and USP Studios, CryptoTrucks will make their fearsome debut as an upcoming, world wide, YouTube kids series!

I love dogs. I had a miniature schnauzer named Digi who would be my source of inspiration all the time. The Bow Wow Bunch concept was inspired by my dog's beard. Schnauzers are well known for their dapper appearance and prominent fanciful facial hair. I decided to come up with a concept that featured plush dogs with fanciful fur and hair where kids, particularly little boys could style their hair, dress them up in a fun attire, and go on adventures partaking to the theme of the dog. I created Dolly to be part of the bunch to appeal to little girls who also love dogs and dress up. Basically the Bow Wow Bunch is the boys version of a Barbie Doll!




FUJU is about the powerful ancient Chinese Fu Dogs of legend who arise in the midst of turmoil, when wicked, supernatural beings emerge from the depths of the Dark World. Through their strength and courage, the 12 zodiac Fu's venture all throughout the land taking out evil at every turn!

I was highly inspired by Asian mythology especially the statures that guard entrances for nearly every building, the Fu Dogs. I find them to be very fascinating. Fun fact they're not really dogs, rather lions. I think my connection with these mythical beasts is due to the fact that my horoscope sign is Leo, and my zodiac sign is a dog; therefore I'm practically a lion dog…a Fu Dog!